St. Bartholomew's Church, Armley



£2.50 Per set of 8 - comprises 2 external shots of the Church, 1 exterior taken around 1900, 1 of the Reredos and Altar, 1 elevated shot taken from above, 1 of the Organ case, 1 of the Baptistry mosaic, and 1 souvenir composite picture of the Church shrouded in scaffolding.







Compact Discs:



Karl Hoyer’s Unbeaten Tracks

Organ works played on the Link/Gaida Organ
of the Pauluskirche, Ulm, by Graham Barber


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(64.41 mins.)


Halleluiah, Handel!

Graham Barber pays tribute to Handel
on the Schulze Organ

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(69.47 mins.)





The Harmonious Harpsichord

Popular favourites played by Graham Barber on a fine harpsichord, recorded in St. Bartholomew's Church.

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(49.06 mins.)



 Graham Barber on the Schulze Organ
Rheinberger: Sonatas 3,10 & 11.
from £12.35, down to £9.80

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(63.13 mins.)




Christmas Music for Organ

featuring Graham Barber, playing Seasonal music by various composers, including J.S.Bach's "In Dulci Jubilo"

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(59.12 mins.)



Fanfare II:

featuring 30 of the world's most famous organs, including one track from Graham Barber on the Schulze

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(71.36 mins.)



Schulze Showpieces
: featuring Christopher Newton, on the Schulze, recorded in August, 2004, playing some of his favourite pieces, including Noel Rawsthorne's "Dance Suite

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(76.03 mins.)


The Schulze at Armley:
A most welcome recasting of the LP produced in 1978, featuring Arnold Mahon & Lynne Davis. Works by Franck, plus Boëllmann, Karg-Elert, and Berkeley.

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(48.30 mins.)







The Organ Story,
released 2007

The story of the restoration of the Schulze organ at
St. Bartholomew’s Church, Armley, where Graham Barber is organist. The first part is a documentary which traces the history of the organ from its incarnation in 1869, and follows the process of rescue from terminal decline to resplendent rebirth in 2004. The second part is a complete performance of Reubke’s Sonata on the 94th Psalm, with superimposed imagery and text.

The menu also includes introduction to the Sonata and a performance of Bach’s stirring chorale
In dulci jubilo as well as other extras.

 (Region 2) 

£16.75 (52 mins.)











Signs and Symbols      
by Betty Ruzicka      £3.35
        An unusual collection  of nine poems and many pictures  inspired  by  the  restoration  work  of
2000-2002, written by a member of the congregation, who died in January, 2007.
Mostly of a devotional nature, with occasional bouts of quirkiness and humour.
     20 pages, profusely illustrated in full colour.


A History of St.Bartholomew's, Armley
by Mike Collins (1940-2013). £2.95 A light-hearted, and slightly irreverent piece of work, combining a history of the Church and a guide to the many features.
29 pages, 9 sketches and maps.    




Railway Character Lines 

Too Busy to Delegate
by Mike Collins, 1940-2013

Mike's estate will make a donation to the Organ Fund for every book
ordered via the St. Barts Organ Fund
For details, see email below.

Mike belonged to St.Bartholomew's all his life. Through  church he met his wife, Thelma,  who in now a Churchwarden.

Mike worked for many years as a British Rail(ways) Civil Engineer.  He recalls hilarious anecdotes, tales of mishap and unforeseen incidents, laced with his dour humour.






Goods, with St. Bart's Inscription:




Ball Pen, black, green or maroon
blue ink)  in presentation pack.          




Coasters, grained, leather effect in blue, green or red.   £6.00 




Handy Jotter & Pen 10x9cms                                 £3.75                    


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