St. Bartholomew's, Armley







 1  Great Sub Principal, 16ft, Top D
Open Metal 
 2  Great Bordun, 16ft, Treble E
Stopped Metal  (Cork stopping, with ears)

  3  As 1 or 2 showing wood
    plunger stopping. 
  Stopped Metal
  4  As 1 or 2 showing ears. 
Open Metal

  5  Great Hohl Flӧte, 8ft, Middle C
Open triangular wood

 5A   As 5 - side view
  6  Great Tuba, 16ft, Treble D
Metal Reed with tapered resonator

  7  Great Gemshorn, 8ft, Middle D 
Open tapered metal with ears

  8 Choir Harmonica, 8ft, Middle F  
                                         Open wood

 8A   As 8 - side view

  9  Echo Dolcan, 8ft, Tenor G
Open inverted tapered metal

10  Choir Clarinette, 8ft, Tenor G 
Metal Reed


11  Echo Oboe, 8ft, Middle B
                                                   Open Wood
11A  As 11 - side view










   12     Choir Cello und Violine, 8ft, Tenor E
            Open wood

  12A    As 12 - side view

   13     Great Bordun, 16ft, Middle B
           Stopped wood  (wood plunger stopping)

   14    Similar to 13 showing wedge stop.
           Stopped wood  (wood wedge a leather stopping)

   15    Great Bordyn, 16ft, Bottom B
           Stopped wood  (wood screw a blocked stopping)

 15A    As 15 - side view
  16     Great Gemshorn, 8ft, Bottom A
           Open tapered wood

  16A   As 16 - side view








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Organ History

The Restoration, 00-04